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About Us

Medical Trust Hospital is active in the field of Education & has established the Medical Trust Institute of Medical Sciences for furthering its goal of achieving excellence in education as well as crafting exemplary professionals for the future of healthcare.

The road ahead

“Medical Trust Institute of Medical Sciences” is envisaged as a unique combination of a world class Medical Institute and a Medi-city sprawling over twenty five lakhs square feet that will encompass all perceivable modalities of Medical Sciences with special focus on Oncology, Reproductive Medicine, Transfusion Medicine, Robotic Surgery and Medical Genetics at Irumpanam on Seaport-Airport road in Cochin. MTIMS is aimed at integrating world-class medical education and research in collaboration with the global leaders in the field and holistic health care facilities. A world class convention centre in the campus will be an arena for connoisseur forums, and landmark events opening new avenues in healthcare and positioning the institute as a Knowledge hub for the generations to follow.

MTIMS is forging ahead with its main divisions, like College of Physiotherapy, College of Cardiovascular Technology, College of Optometry, College of Medical Laboratory Technology, School of Radiological Technology & School of Neuro Technology. MTIMS has developed state of the art infrastructure well furnished with all modern facilities and equipment.

Our Colleges

Medical Trust Institute of Medical Sciences offers diverse courses in healthcare education
for moulding professionals in the healthcare sector.

  • College of Physiotherapy

  • College of Cardiovascular Technology

  • College of Optometry

  • College of Medical Lab Technology

  • School of Radiological Technology

  • School of Neuro Technology

College of Physiotherapy

The College of Physiotherapy under the Medical Trust Institute of Medical Sciences was established to cater to the preventive, curative, therapeutic and rehabilitation needs of people. The College is a unit of Pullikal Medical Foundation and started in the year 2005 with the objective of establishing a state of the art Physiotherapy Institution in Kerala. The college is located at Medical Trust Institute of Medical Sciences Campus, Irumbanam, which is 5 km away from the city of Kochi. Kochi is a Metropolitan City and is well connected to the neighbouring states through an efficient network of road, rail and air transport.

The Medical Trust College of Physiotherapy is recognized by State government and now affiliated to Kerala University of Health Sciences, Trissur. Previously it was affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam.

Practical training is given to students at our advanced Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation center, where students get hands-on training under the expert faculty of Medical Trust Hospital, 750 bedded NABH accredited super specialty hospital in the heart of Kochi city. At our college, students get an opportunity to expand their knowledge of therapeutic and rehabilitative concepts through involvement in community based rehabilitation programs and other "outreach" activities. Students can take an active part in various Physiotherapy camps, community activities and rehabilitation projects sponsored by Govt. of India and other International agencies. Students acquire a deep insight into their future profession from observational and educational visits organized to Schools for Disabled, NGO Projects and Rehabilitation homes within the country.

Course Offered

College of Cardiovascular Technology

MTIMS is the first college in self-financing sector other than Govt. Medical College to offer the BCVT course, a four year course that includes one year internship and is affiliated to Kerala University for Health Sciences, Trichur. The college has started admission during 2013- 2014 academic year. The number of seats allowed is three. The students are well trained through the academic years to assist the Cardiologist in invasive or non- invasive cardiac laboratory, in performing routine cardiac investigation and interventional procedures. After successful completion of the course, the person can be allowed to perform non-invasive procedures like Echo Cardiography, Treadmill, Holter testing under supervision of Cardiologist and assist the Cardiologist in cardiac catheterization laboratory.

Course Offered

College of Optometry

Optometry is one of the crucial health care professions in eye care. Detailed eye examinations can reveal systemic conditions like high blood pressure, Anaemia or Diabetes. Optometrists are specialists trained to examine the eyes, diagnose diseases, and manage visual disorders by prescribing spectacles, contact lenses, low visual devices, and eye exercises. They also co-manage conditions with ophthalmologists and other health care professionals.

Medical Trust College of Optometry was envisaged with the aim to produce highly efficient and qualified Optometrists who can impart high quality vision care in India and abroad. We focus to teach, promote & implement a comprehensive range of preventive, diagnostic and rehabilitation vision care services in our college. MTIMS college of Optometry is committed to provide academic excellence, improve patients’ lives, enhance public health through education, improve optometric education and advance the field of vision science.

Course Offered

College of Medical Lab Technology

Medical Laboratory Technology is an essential part of health care as Medical Laboratory professionals assist in the diagnosis, treatment and control of diseases, thus forming a pivotal part of medical teams. The modern trends in laboratory investigation have resulted in the introduction of more specialized and sophisticated laboratory procedures including mechanization, automation and data processing. To keep in tune with these technological advances, a more professional background has become necessary for students entering the field of laboratory science, which is the sole purpose of our institution.

The aim of the College of Medical Laboratory Technology is the preparation of trained Laboratory Technicians who can discharge the duties efficiently in clinical Laboratories. The subjects included are Hematology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Immunology, Clinical Pathology, Blood Banking, Cytology, Histopathology, Cytogenetics, Parasitology, Entomology in addition to Anatomy and Physiology.

Course Offered

School of Radiological Technology

Radiological Technology is a branch of Allied Health Science which deals with the use of sophisticated technology in medical imaging and cancer treatment. It has various sub specialties such as Radiology, Radiotherapy & Nuclear medicine. The School of Radiological Technology at MTIMS is focused on imparting quality education & values to develop Radiology technicians for enhancing healthcare.

Students of this program are taught Human Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, General Physics & Electronics, Atomic & Nuclear Physics, Mathematics, Pathology, Community Medicine, Radio Diagnosis, Radiation Oncology and Radiation Physics. The School of Radiological Technology has all kinds of advanced imaging equipment like X-ray machines and portable X-ray units, Mammograhy units, Fluoroscopy equipment, MRI units, CT Scan unit, Doppler /Ultrasound Machines etc.

Course Offered

School of Neuro Technology

Neuro Technology is a rapidly developing field in healthcare. It includes neurosciences, cellular engineering and signal processing. Neuro technologist professionals perform and interpret electrophysiology procedures. At MTIMS School of Neuro technology, the students will acquire skills to assess the patient and plan various electro diagnostic procedures and implement them. Neuro technologists are highly in demand in all hospitals as Neuroelectrophysiology is an integral part of neurology.

We provide hands on training in Intraoperative monitoring (Including direct Cortical Stimulation, Eloquent Cortex Mapping, Central Sulcus Mapping, SSEP, MEP, Electrocorticography, Cranial nerve monitoring, NAP studies, Root monitoring etc.)

Extra-operative monitoring includes eloquent cortex mapping, Sleep studies, Autonomic function tests, Pre-surgical evaluation of epilepsy, EEG (including Neonatal and long term monitoring), Nerve conduction studies, Electromyogram, Visual evoked potential, Brainstem auditory evoked potential, Somatosensory evoked potential etc.

Course Offered